Reaction: The Book Thief Trailer–SPOILER ALERT

30 Aug

            I knew this movie was in production but had no idea it was this close to coming out! Last weekend I went to go see the adaption for The City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare, and one of the previews was for The Book Thief. I recognized it as soon as she said ‘Liesel Meminger’ (it’d be kind of hard not to) and got really excited; I was sitting on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen and probably bugging out a little, if this had been a cartoon. Afterwards, whenever the thought crossed my mind that there was a legitimate trailer out for one of my most anticipated upcoming films…it felt very surreal, actually. Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

            Right—on to my thoughts, worries and hopes for this film. I’m not going to include a summary of the book, nor the trailer, because I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you’re already familiar with the novel; as for the video, there’s a link to YouTube at the bottom of this post. It’s not long—less than three minutes. You wouldn’t be sacrificing too much time.

            *Small pause. That’s your cue to go watch the video.*

            Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s begin! Firstly, may I say that the book this film is going to be based off of is absolutely wonderful? Markus Zusak definitely knew what he was doing when he wrote this one, and if Hollywood screws this up I am not going to be happy. The trailer actually looks really accurate though, so that’s certainly a good sign. I’d like to mention this one little thing I noticed that made me smile—at 0:37, Rosa calls Hans a dirty pig. In the book her nickname for him is saukerl…which means exactly that in German. Not sure why, but that got me. As for the bigger picture—I’d make a list of all the stuff that’s correct, except it would include practically everything and that’d take too long. So let’s just say the trailer seems incredibly true to the book and that is very, very promising.

            My biggest concern for this adaption is probably that I’m not sure how they’re going to be able to pull off Death’s narration. Honestly, that was one of my favorite aspects of the novel, and I’d hate to see it go—even though the story would be almost perfectly unchanged without it. I love the unique tone Death provides, and all the notes he interjects at just the right times. It’d be so awesome if this was incorporated into the movie, and yet, I realize it’d be somewhat difficult to accomplish and the concept is a bit too expendable for its own good. So we’ll see.

            Another worry I have is that Frau Holtzapfel may be cut, or her back-story severely downplayed. I thought her parts were important and very meaningful—however they don’t tie into the main story as a lot of other subplots do, and if a lot ends up needing to be cut I feel like Frau Holtzapfel would be on that list. This may just be in my head; but doesn’t it make sense, to an extent? Here’s to hoping I’m wrong…

            I absolutely adore the characters from this book; the casting in this film is extremely important to me. Don’t get me wrong—I really don’t mind that much if the actors/actresses don’t have the same physical attributes as described in the novel. No, what I mean is that they need to be able to portray their character’s personality well, and stay true to this. It’d be great to have people who’ve actually read The Book Thief and are enthusiastic about what they’re doing.

            This film has the potential to completely wreck the emotional stability of its viewers. If the character development is done correctly throughout the entire thing, and the ending is pulled off well enough, there could be a substantial amount of heart breaking involved. I’m already sort of half preparing myself for Rudy’s death—how about a kiss, saumensch?—and Hans and Rosa as well, because those three will probably be the worst for me. As much as I’d rather not leave the theater in tears, being an aspiring writer and story freak, there is a strange part of me that craves the pain of a beautifully tragic ending.

            Well—those are my thoughts on the trailer, anyway. The only downside for me was the incredibly lame and overused voice narrating the second half of it. I’m really sick of hearing it in previews, and honestly, instead of sounding dramatic it just strikes me as corny. Oh well. That doesn’t reflect on what the movie will be like, so I don’t care that much. I’m definitely seeing this adaption; if you haven’t read The Book Thief yet, I would highly suggest you do so before it comes out. For now, enjoy the trailer!


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  1. connieirby August 31, 2013 at 12:57 pm #

    Can’t wait to read this book and see the movie!

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